Club History

The Palmerston Game Fishing Club was founded in 1991 by ten like minded fishermen. Over the years the club has grown into the high profile well respected club it is today. Initially starting out with club meetings in member's back yards, then moving on to the Palmerston Tavern for a short time and then the Gray Community Hall.

Around the mid 90s the club with the assistance of the NT Govt was granted a plot of Land in Palmerston and moves were made to construct a club house. A roof was erected along with a storage shed however progress then stalled with a lack of funds. For many years the clubs marquee event was the Corroboree Park Challenge which continues today as one of the only competitions open to all members of the public. Around 1995 several of the members had the idea of a national fishing tournament.

In 1996 after a great deal of effort from club members the first Barra Nationals was held on the Daly River where it is still held today. With the running of a second successful Barra Nationals in 1997 the club was in a comfortable financial position. The incoming President of the time, Trevor Edwards, put a motion to the AGM to finish construction of the clubrooms. With the motion being carried a bank loan was obtained and construction of our current premises commenced. The premises were completed and opened for business in 1998. With the opening of the clubrooms membership of the club quickly grew. The club has maintained an emphasis on family with many social events and fishing trips being organised over the intervening years.

The club has seen many milestones over the years, from obtaining our land, starting the Barra Nationals, the opening of our clubrooms, 2008 saw the club come of age with the clubs first ever Lady as Club Champion Angler. This was subsequently followed by the clubs first Lady President. 2009 saw the club take over the running of the Secret Women's Business competition, a women only event, which has gone from strength to strength with over 30 teams competing in the 2010 event. Another annual event for which the club has become renowned is The Junior Anglers Clinic where junior anglers are educated in all aspects of fishing from water safety, knots, casting and lure selection.

None of this can happen without the support and participation of club members. Below you will find a list of life members and club presidents who have dedicated many long hours to enable the club to reach the current position it holds today, that of a highly respected, progressive member of the fishing community.


1991-1994 Terry Davis
1995-1997 Bryan Spoorle
1998-2002 Trevor Edwards
2003 Russell Fry
2004 Russell Fry
2005 Steve Shenfield
2006 Steve Shenfield
2007 Craig Wortlehock
2008 Lynne Fry
2009 Lynne Fry
2010 Julie Davies
2011 Trevor Edwards
2012 Trevor Edwards
2013 Paul Williams
2014 Paul Williams
2015 Adrian Glazbrook
2016 Adrian Glazbrook
2017 Paul Williams

Life Members

2002 David Bowler
2004 Mike Newman
2006 Trevor Edwards
2008 Paul Williams
2008 Russell Fry
2013 Ray Colley
2013 Tash Colley
2015 Andre Camesi
2015 Marita Camesi
2016 Casey Van Engelenhoven

Club Masters

2005 Phillip Clark
2005 Shane Flanigan
2005 Darren Crawley
2006 Dennis Smart
2006 Steve Shenfield
2009 Ray Colley
2011 Trish Wright

Club Champions

1991-1992 Ron Nurton
1993 Dave Bowler
1994 Bryan Spoorle
1995 Darryl Briscoe
1996 Ivan Biorci
1997-1998 Geoff Cook
1999 Grant Edwards
2000 Geoff Cook
2001 Phillip Clark
2002 Dennis Smart
2003 Lynne Fry
2004 Shane Flanigan
2005 Ray Colley
2006 Barry Wilson
2007 Greg Miller
2008 Lynne Fry
2009 Ray Colley
2010 Matthew Lumb
2011 Dennis Smart
2012 Tennille Lockwood
2013 Jordan Smart 
2014 Dennis Smart 
2015 Kevin Anderson 
2016 Steve Jones

Club Metre Board

2004 Shane Flanigan Barra 106cm
2004 Melissa Pain Barra 102cm
2004 Ashley Ham Barra 103cm
2004 Phillip Clark Barra 100cm
2004 Laing Clark Jew 117cm
2004 Ray Colley Jew 130cm
2004 Sally Edwards Jew 104cm
2004 Chris Stafford Barra 102cm
2004 Craig Dixon Jew 110cm
2004 Steve Shenfield Mack 116cm
2004 John Roberts Barra 111cm
2004 Julie McCourt Jew 104cm
2004 John McCourt Jew 106cm
2004 Lynne Fry Mack 123cm
2004 Trevor Edwards Jew 115cm
2004 Laing Clark Mack 106cm
2004 Dwayne Krollig Jew 112cm
2004 Joe Byers Jew 101cm
2004 Suzie Williams Jew 109cm
2004 Dennis Smart Jew 109cm
2004 Kylie Henderson Jew 106cm
2004 Ray Colley Mack 112cm
2004 Shane Flanigan Jew 111cm
2004 Darren Crawley Mack 115cm
2004 Steven Taylor Mack 140cm
2004 Troy Gillam Jew 131cm
2005 Darren Crawley Barra 103cm
2005 Phillip Clark Mack 105cm
2005 Phillip Clark Jew 120cm
2005 Suzanne Van Engelehoven Jew 111cm
2005 Shane Flanigan Mack 102cm
2005 Dennis Smart Mack 125cm
2005 Cate Dummet Jew 108cm
2005 Darren Crawley Jew 117cm
2005 Melissa Lund Mack 110cm
2005 Ben Dummet Jew 117cm
2005 Brian Lund Mack 102cm
2005 Brian Lund Jew 109cm
2005 Phil Lawlor Mack 120cm
2005 Natasha Cercarelli Jew 120cm
2005 Lynne Fry Jew 102cm
2005 Dave Archbold Mack 108cm
2005 Sharon Wilson Jew 107cm
2006 Barry Wilson Barra 120cm
2006 Dennis Smart Barra 103cm
2006 Greg Miler Barra 128cm
2006 Alek Gangur Barra 130cm
2006 Steve Shenfield Barra 104cm
2006 Steve Shenfield Jew 106cm
2007 Leigh Wright Jew 125cm
2007 Madison Wright Jew 104cm
2007 Trish Wright Jew 110cm
2007 Josie Wright Jew 120cm
2007 Craig Dixon Barra 100cm
2007 Alison Dixon Jew 120cm
2007 Russ Fry Jew 102cm
2007 Pam Housley Jew 107cm
2007 Steve Tetley Jew 105cm
2007 Colleen Ellis Jew 110cm
2007 Ben Wilson Mack 125cm
2007 Greg Miller Jew 116cm
2007 Chris Archbald Mack 126cm
2007 Gay Lavery Mack 121cm
2007 Jean Wilson Jew 103cm
2007 Wayne Ellis Jew 108cm
2007 Jason Ellis Jew 102cm
2008 Don Friend Mack 107cm
2008 Lynne Bailey Jew 118cm
2008 Tony Bailey Jew 118cm
2009 Ray Colley Barra 109cm
2009 Jordan Smart Jew 105cm
2009 Leigh Wright Mack 130cm
2009 Trish Wright Mack 122cm
2009 Dave Whitelaw Jew 117cm
2009 Alison Smart Jew 107cm
2009 Dave Whitelaw Mack 119cm
2010 Rohan Walker Jew 125cm
2011 Paul Williams Barra 106cm
2011 Doug Martland Jew 103cm
2011 Rohan Walker Barra 100cm
2011 Trish Wright Barra 102cm
2011 Lenna Lehmann Jew 120cm
2012 Andre Camesi Jew 103cm
2012 Russ Fry Barra 114cm
2012 Amanda Jenko Jew 115cm
2012 Bruce McDonald Jew 106cm
2012 Jason Jenko Jew 104cm
2014 Erica Glazbrook  Jew 110cm
2014 Karen Glazbrook Jew 101cm
2014 Nicholas Glazbrook Jew 101cm
2014 Samara Glazbrook Jew 105cm
2016 Chubbs Hollis Jew 125cm
2016 Lynne Fry Barra 104cm
2016 Jason Preo  Jew 117cm