2014 Corroboree Park Challenge

This year we saw the biggest participation rate for the last 10 years with a staggering 140 competitors & a total of 40 kids. The biggest plus for all the kids were the free camping chairs they received just for entering the competition the smiles on the faces of all was a pleasure to see.

Friday night Saturday morning brought about the coldest day in the territory in 73 years with the mercury hovering just on 6 degrees at Corroboree Park camp grounds. The fishing was hard to say the least with teams struggling to find any quality fish let alone a fish at all due to the cold snap that had arrived the week leading up to the event. Most people had a game plan to get going nice & early but due the weather most stayed in bed for that extra hour or so waiting for the sun to come out.

Saturday night we had our junior casting comp which saw a huge amount of interest after about an hour of 30 plus kids putting their skills to the test we had 2 clear winners both taking home a $50.00 BCF voucher.