Club Marine Insurance Barra Nationals

The Ultimate Tournament

25th April - 2nd May 2018

The Club Marine Barra Nationals is a catch & release Tournament with all Barramundi over 40cm scoring points. All fish must be photographed and the anglers name tag must be in the photo whilst the fish are on the measuring board. The exponential point system works in a way that most are chasing big fish not numbers of small fish. For example a 40cm Barramundi will score 5 points, while a 103cm Barramundi will score 399 points. As always every angler wants to catch that magic meter Barramundi to score themselves the much sought after Meter Club Ring. The team with the most combined points from all anglers in that team will become the Champion team.

We have again asked the question to event organisers of how the river will fish this year and the answer it is that’s too hard to say until at least 2 weeks out from the start date. This year the river has risen to the magic 10 meter mark twice already but to our disappointment we are yet to see any back up rain. So far the wet season has been well below average and the river has dropped to dry season levels in the middle of February which is very rarely seen. What we need is a big monsoon burst to drop around the 300mm -400mm of rain in the upper catchment areas to push the river over the 12 meter mark and it needs to stay up for at least 1 to 2 weeks. If this happens along with back up rain leading into late May we could be in for a cracker with the spring tides we are fishing we are hopeful of some big fish showing up on the score board.

Event Co-Ordinator

Paul Williams:

Event Committee

Angie Moyle, Stephen Tetley, Lynne Fry, Matthew Weir & Brad Priestley

Photos from the Barra Nationals